What is 3ND?

About 3 Nights and Done

3ND stands for "3 Nights and Done"

It's free. It's non-profit. It won't sell your student activity records. It makes learning fun for people of all ages.
You watch 1 hour of educational material each night, and in 3 nights' time it's done. Simple as that. You will get a sense of accomplishment instantly over say a weekend.
What can you learn in 3 nights? A lot! All our 3ND units are practical questions that you want to know the answers for, ranging from how the Internet works to how hair grows on heads, from how to finance a startup to how to watch baseball games like a pro.

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Popular 3-Nighters
Keith Cambron
How Does the Internet Work?

In the space of 30 years the Internet went from a novelty used by engineers to become a part of our lives as essential as transportation. A third of the world's people use it and it has spread to virtually every country on earth. This 3-nighter explores the networks and technologies that work in concert to provide the wide range of services offered on the Internet. The 3-nighter is organized into four fifteen minute videos per hour. Each video is accompanied by a self-exam of ten multiple choice questions. There are no prerequisites, but students should have experience using the Internet and an interest in learning more about the technologies that enable it. Students who pass the 3-nighter will gain a better understanding of how the networks are interconnected, how the Internet is organized and how it operates.

Keith Cambron, former CEO, AT&T Labs

Jan. 31, 2013

Richard M. Fox
How Does Venture Finance Work?

Taught by a venture capitalist, this seminar will provide a practical approach to the fundamentals of venture capital investing and the structure of the venture capital industry. Specific topics include investment selection, due diligence, valuation, negotiation, portfolio company management, exits, limited partners, and firm management. Case studies will be used to assist students understanding for the practical aspects of the business as well as the current state of the venture capital industry.

Richard M. Fox, Managing Director, Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

Feb. 7, 2013

Kaiser Fung
How to do Statistics Without Really Doing Statistics?

Fung, the author of Numbers Rule Your World and the forthcoming Numbersense, and creator of the Junk Charts blog, demonstrates that statistical thinking can be picked up with almost no mathematics. This course equips students with the necessary knowledge to deconstruct data analyses, a skill that is becoming crucial in the era of Big Data. Some of the topics covered include how statistical models work, understanding the accuracy of predictions, how statistics are used to make decisions, using conditional probabilities and Bayes Rule, different methods of data collection, and the use and abuse of statistical adjustments. Examples are drawn from a variety of fields including business, medicine, sports, and education. For those who have formal training in mathematics, this course offers a fresh perspective on statistics as it is practiced.

Kaiser Fung, VP, Vimeo

June 24, 2013